Our Services

We firmly believe in humanity over vanity. Your pets comfort and safety will always come first. Our goal is to make each grooming experience a positive one. We treat each client as an individual and understand that sometimes putting in a little extra time is always worth making it positive. Therefore, we ask for a minimum of four hours to work with your pet. This time is to reduce stress between bathing & drying and actual grooming or "table time." We also take this time to get to know your pet on a social level. 

Other than our great grooming, we are known for our kennel free option! Well behaved and social hounds are welcome to roam the shop at their lesiure creating a "less stress" atmosphere.  With quiet corners and kennels available to those that prefer their own space. 

We do our best to make every client happy with our services and will try to accomodate you to the best of our capability and that of your pet.

About our Services

 Raindrop technique massage with essential oils 

Raindrop Technique oil Massage

15 min massage



Available olis for add-on


Peace & Calming by YL

Pan-Away by YL

Thieves by YL


$5.00/ oil

Ultrasonic Toothbrushing with Emmipet

First session- includes brush head

20 min treatment


Added to your Regular groom​

pre-scheduled 2-8 weeks  15 min


Weekly or daily session

10 min treatment


What our customers are saying

Shannon is amazing, and always so accommodating when I have to come from two hours away. Gracie loves going to get her groomimg from Shannon!

Sherri Pedersen- McCall, ID